Gramofon USB Sony PS-LX300USB

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Proizvođač: Sony
Šifra: 1280914
Kataloški broj: PSLX300USB.CEL
Jamstvo: Nema

Gramofon USB Sony PS-LX300USB Gramofon USB Sony PS-LX300USB Dust off your vinyl! This USB turntable allows you to convert your favourite records to mp3. With a built-in phono stage and USB output, you can plug it into any amp with standard phono inputs or directly into your computer USB Audio output allows you to convert your favourite vinyl albums to mp3 Fully automatic operation protects your records from scratches Plays both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds High quality belt drive system absorbs motor vibrations which can often be picked up by the stylus Dust cover protects the delicate stylus from damage Robust construction to withstand the bumps and knocks of travel Static balanced tone arm Moving Magnet phono cartridge Diamond stylus for superb sound reproduction
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